Sigurdson/Goodson Concert June 17, 2020 Highlights

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Journey Towards The Light, Lehobye & Goods Concert July 15, 2020
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Please feel free to take a copy of the program for this concert.

Concert4aCause Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 8pm (EDT) Streaming Free Online

We encourage you to donate to the honorees of Journey Towards the Light through our GoFundMe campaign through Monday, July 20.

The honorees for this concert are Isango Ensemble and Faith for Black Lives.
More about the honorees: Isango Ensemble - Faith For Black Lives

Northside Community Church and First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor present
Concert4aCause - Social Distance 4 Social Justice Series

Journey Towards the Light
featuring Goitsemang Lehobye, Soprano and Julian Goods, Baritone, Pianist

Wednesday 15 July 2020 - 8pm (EDT) - streaming here live

The world around us has changed so much in the last few months dealing with both COVID-19 and the civil unrest in the US. Throughout time music has built bridges, healed, brought hope, and so much more to us and our communities in our darkest moments. Through our music, we aim to tell our story: one of loss, love, failure, dreams, perseverance all in hopes that the audience will, like us, understand that no matter the storm, the sun will rise. We walk together towards the light. Proceeds from this concert will benefit the musicians of the Isango Ensemble who have been without work for sometime as a result of COVID-19 and Faith for Black Lives who mission is to building beloved communities through civic engagement and collective action. Please donate generously. All donations are appreciated.

This concert is part of the Social Distance 4 Social Justice series.

The first concert in this series was Solstice Sonata Serenade with Thor Sigurdson and Kathryn Goodson.